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New Datacenter located at Bulgaria!
Dear customers,

We are now at Bulgaria!
Located at :
                 - Europe 
                 - close to Asia for better connection.

The servers on which our infrastructure is hosted are located in Europe, but we cater to a global audience. We try to provide a reliable cloud solution on a custom built platform that can be used from customers located in countries all around the world. Our cloud hosting solution is built with open source software and consists of a single platform from which you can control and manage all your virtual servers.

Our main data center is located in Bulgaria, a country located in the European Union, at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, giving you access and great connectivity to many developing markets spread across a vast area.

DDoS Protection

You don't have to worry about DDoS any longer because our entire infrastructure is protected against Layer 3 and 4 attacks and we can mitigate DDoS attacks up to 100Gbps in size.

Modern Facility

We are located in Telepoint, a Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center, one of the largest telecom facilities in Eastern Europe.

Enterprise hardware

Our servers are high quality enterprise machines produced by DELL, one of the leading manufacturers in the world, known for their top performance.

High-Speed Internet

Each GameServer is connected to the internet through a 1Gbps uplink, giving you great network speeds and the ability to withstand a large amount of traffic without any issues.

Thanks for choosing us!
Kind regards,
-EHN Team.

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New Datacenter located at Bulgaria! - by Bob - 01-17-2017, 04:32 AM

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