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  How to download Avast antivirus free for windows 10?
Posted by: knightsava - 08-25-2020, 07:43 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Avast Antivirus is one of the most trusted antiviruses on the planet. This antivirus programming is celebrated for its capacity to identify dangers that haven't been experienced previously. It cautions you before any malware gets to your PC through ongoing investigation of obscure records. This antivirus is intended to give your PC the genuinely necessary security from spyware, phishing, and malware without influencing the exhibition of your gadget. 
It is very easy to download and install and also guaranteed and made sure about passwords and a safe local network. Other than guarding every one of your applications, this antivirus programming additionally continually minds the conduct of the applications to recognize any malevolent conduct in time. In addition, you are advised on how to fix any threat that is detected. You can also easily download Avast antivirus free for windows 10 by following some simple steps. If you face any difficulty while downloading Avast and its products on your Windows 10, then you can easily contact our customer support service.

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  Convert any files documents, images, audio and video formats for free with usage of O
Posted by: Nahidseo - 07-15-2020, 05:54 AM - Forum: Problems & Suggestions - No Replies

Convert any files documents, images, audio and video formats for free with usage of online file converter.

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Star Online Video Converter - your mp4, avi, flv, webm video to another format onl
Posted by: Nahidseo - 07-10-2020, 08:30 PM - Forum: Useful Softwares - No Replies

Do you want to convert your video to mp4,avi,flv or some thing else ?...but can't dew to your slow and difficult app. So, don't worry here's online video converter which is super fast and easy to use... Cool

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  fbtube - Facebook video download online HD
Posted by: abhishek12 - 05-04-2020, 10:27 AM - Forum: Useful Softwares - No Replies

Hii everyone i have come across a website called FBTUBE where i found that we can convert any video into mp4. avi, mp3 and into wav with any paid subscription or login. Not only this we can also download video from YouTube and from Facebook free.

By using this free website the audio quality you get is very high and amazing visit now from the given links:

fb video downloader
save facebook video
fb video download online
youtube video converter mp4
youtube to mp4 converter online
online youtube downloader mp4

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Thumbs Down Im happy I now registered
Posted by: MickieTpf4 - 04-14-2020, 10:59 AM - Forum: Self Introduction - No Replies

You actually reported that well!

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  Mob Grinding for Exalted Orbs - POE
Posted by: poecurrencyigvault - 04-14-2020, 05:01 AM - Forum: Self Introduction - No Replies

With the introduction of POE Mobile version, everyone is wondering whether it will create a brand new POE Mobile Currency system? Or whether it will change the economic structure in current POE?
If you've been playing PoE for a while now, you are probably already familiar with the concept of currency items, such as exalted orbs. These items are used in a wide variety of ways: some of them enhance your items with additional modifiers and some allow you to “re-roll” the modifiers on an item. Some of them even allow you to restructure your passive skill tree by giving you refund points!
So which one of these are exalted orbs? Exalted orbs allow you to enchant rare items with a new “affix”. These orbs are an extremely rare drop and are highly sought after by players of all levels. The high value of exalted orbs has made them a go-to currency item which people use to trade, and it is exactly the reason why you should think about farming those orbs if you want to get rich. If you do not have time for farming you can also check our offer to buy exalted orb.
And with the game having so much content added in updates so frequently, there is plenty of ways to go about it and this farming guide will make it so much easier. Make sure you read all the tips (the guide is intended for non-hardcore characters)!
POE Currency flipping
As you may already know, you can actually exchange your low-tier currency all the way into exalted orbs in a shop. However, you probably shouldn’t do that. Those low-tier orbs are actually quite useful while leveling your character from the bottom up, and, moreover, you are not really achieving much by flipping currency. Not only do you waste time during which you could be questing or farming, you do not even get any experience out of it!
While currency flipping sure is useful, it is definitely not one of the most reliable farming methods out there. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you can always flip some currency that has been laying around in your stash. Exchanging extra currency is also a great idea to save some stash space if you do not want to buy extra tabs for real money.
Mob grinding for exalted orbs
Unlike many of the hack and slash games out there, it is actually quite popular to grind mobs from time to time in Path of Exile. Exalted orbs have a very low drop rate, but can be dropped from any mob out there, but there are certain areas and mobs which should give you a far better chance of getting orbs, and definitely at a faster rate.
Typically a good place to start farming are Burial Chambers. If you already have a high-level character, you can also try farming the Uber Elder. Keep in mind that to do that you already have to have completed 20 maps, but the treasures are oh so worth it! You should also probably work on the Atlas of Worlds while at it.
Endgame maps
As the name of this method suggests, it is primarily for high-level characters, but you should not really worry about farming exalted orbs while beginning your journey with Path of Exile. Even if some drop while you’re just clearing out mobs, you still should use them sparingly and wait till your char is a bit more leveled up.
So how to begin with map-farming and not lose hours trying? First of all, you need access to the Templar Laboratory, which becomes available after finishing Act 10. There, you need to place the map inside of a map device, which consumes the main item and creates a randomized instance, just like a dungeon in most online games. These maps, however, are a bit trickier.
The maps you can find along your journey come in different qualities, just like items. These rarities are normal, magic, rare and unique. Maps also have their own special affixes, which make them usually more difficult, but also a lot more rewarding. The quality of a map can also be raised by using a Cartographer’s Chisel on it.
Well, there is some rumor about using the map device located in The Chamber of Sins, which is in Act 7, but, sadly, you still need to beat Act 10 to access that device. The developers have not changed it in 2018 and they will probably not change it post 2019.
But which maps should you try out and which of them should just be left in the trash? The general consensus is that you should use maps of at least 66 level, with magic quality or higher. Standard maps of such a low level are most often not worth it and you are not going to get much value out of them. Better not waste your life away!
How to find good quality maps
One of the best ways to earn exalted orbs constantly is to run guardian maps over and over. But how to lay your hands on those? Use the trade chat! The easiest and quickest way to get them is to simply buy them. If you have some currency stashed away (like you should have!), then you should find a seller without any problems. Those maps cost around 19-25 chaos orbs, which is quite cheap, depending on the affixes on the map itself. Keep away from Chimera guardian maps, though, as they seem to be the hardest kind and it is really easy to die while there.
Make sure you focus on the Increased Item Quantity modifier rather than stats when you don your gear, as that will ensure the most amount of exalted orbs dropped (try to keep it at 80% at all times). That way you can easily earn more than you have spent on the map itself. Not only will you be able to find a lot of currency items that way, but you will also collect a whole list of useful equipment of high rarity, which you can use yourself or sell (or keep them in the stash for other classes on your account!). Moreover, you can find a lot of seemingly useless materials, such as gloves and weapons and so on, which are very handy when you start crafting stuff with recipes.
If you are playing a fast enough build (find some help if you do not) and have decent damage (and some luck), you can safely clear from 5 to 10 guardian maps per hour. That’s quite an income if you apply yourself to it. Make sure you keep your survivability high. So far, farming guardian maps is the most consistent and stable way of generated currency in Path of Exile. Make sure you pick up all the bonus things (such as cards) that you may find there!
For intermediate, everyone is still allowed to trade at the Auction House through Buy Exalted Orb quickly and making benefits.
Igvault is so great to reach where POE Currency for all platforms are selling, because it is always cheaper than other stores, customers are still more willing to choose the products they want. https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency is a very reliable 3rd-party trade website to Buy Exalted Orb , it is very convenient, quick and safe.

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  Free Audio & video converter tools
Posted by: karanprakash - 04-10-2020, 08:47 AM - Forum: Useful Softwares - No Replies

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Download YouTube Videos to MP4
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YouTubnow, Youtubnow Downloader
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[url="https://www.ytbconverter.com/en2/youtube-to-mp3"]YouTube MP3 Converter[/url]
[url="https://www.ytbconverter.com/en2/youtube-to-mp4"]youtube mp4 video downloader[/url]
Youtubnow Downloader
ytmp3 converter
y2mate mp4 download

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  YouTube2Video - YouTube video downloader
Posted by: karanprakash - 11-27-2019, 05:53 AM - Forum: Useful Softwares - Replies (2)

Hi everyone. 
I have come across a website called YouTube2Video. It is a free YouTube to mp4 video converter which converts & download YouTube videos to mp3, mp4, wav, avi, flv, 3gp, & many more. It is simple & easy to use.

It provides you with the best sound quality and lightning-fast downloading speed. YouTube2Video is the fastest and safest site that allows its users to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. With its easy-to-use feature, it allows users to download YouTube Video in Mp3 format. It provides you the best quality of mp3 file if it is available on that video.

mp3 converter
YouTube to WAV converter
YouTube to AVI

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Posted by: Emirto - 10-05-2019, 06:20 PM - Forum: VPS Discussions - Replies (5)

where the fuck is your website ?

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Shocked Dead !
Posted by: Luke Graham - 12-09-2018, 02:16 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

What has happened to us over the past month ?
The forums are dead af.

If you are still active here , please be kind and pm me

Luke Graham  Smile

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