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How to install OGP on CentOS [Panel]
Hi , Today im going to tell everyone how to make open game panel on centOS. It is clearly the best game hosting panel as it uses less ram and supports almost all games. This is for centos 6. This tutorial is taken from

First you need to update and install everything by the following commands:

sudo yum -y install epel-release wget subversion git
sudo yum -y install mysql-server
sudo service mysqld restart
sudo mysql_secure_installation
sudo chkconfig mysqld on

After updating, you have to use these commands to get and install the panel onto the system:
wget -N "" -O "ogp_panel.rpm"
sudo yum -y install "ogp_panel.rpm"

After this process the following commands : 
sudo bash /var/www/html/

sudo shutdown -r now

You should now disconnect from the vps. This is because you just ran a shutdown command. Now connect again.

Use this command to get database password ( You will be needing this for database setup in ogp installation ):
sudo cat /root/ogp_panel_mysql_info

Now open your browser and put in the ip of your vps. 
Fill in the information needed. When it asks for the mysql database use this information 

MySQL Host = "localhost"
MySQL User = "ogpuser"
MySQL Database Name = "ogp_panel"

For password you need to process the above command. You are done! You have successfully installed ogp on your system.. Did you face any problem while installing? Pm me. Check the other thread for OGP Agent.

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