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File Manager Arrangement(Not all my idea)
So I'm back with some tips for your server Smile

So before we start, I'd like to ask you something.
Do you like to read long forum post? No.
This one is not for you Smile

So, upon a lot of research and studying host, actually I learned it from the old EHN host (I won't mention it since I'm not sure if it's allowed or not.) and reading from other people's post on other forums. I love reading(I don't know why I'm saying an irrelevant think but hey maybe you wanna know.)

So back to the topic.

I know most of you would do this.

You open up your FTP link and voila you're in the server FTP then you fling your gamemode folder in, your filterscript, actually you fling everything into the server FTP. Which is a bad move? Very bad. It doesn't just takes time to upload it also fills up your FTP server. 
A little reminder here:
You are not alone in this server and people are probably using the same diskspace as much as you do and what does that do?
Aside from minimizing your Memory usage which I had made as a thread a while ago. The diskspace is also important for us. It just doesn't overloads the servers(which is the focal reason why hosting sites shutdowns because of too much overload in the server) It also crams your Files which makes things harder to edit. Except if you really memorize everything in those folders. Then go ahead be a greedy user.

But then do you know that it's possible for people to login into your account? Remember that it is the world wide web and HACKERS, yes those guys are probably lurking just under your skin waiting for you to do a wrong move.

Go to the samp scripts area, yes that place where there are so many scripts being "RELEASED" by people for other people to use then somebody suddenly complains. "Hey that's mine." but no one believes them?

Do you want to try and guess what the reason is?

What did you say? Because they loaded everything up on their FTP? Great. It really is true that great minds think alike.

Now here's the tip that you all are waiting for.
Number 1:
Don't ever upload everything on your FTP.
Number 2:
Delete Unnecessary things that your server doesn't need.
Example of this:
Remember when you click addon (I don't know what other host named this) then you update your server into the latest SAMP, CS:GO, COD3, or any game. It would surely load up many files. Let's focus on samp
It'll give you a bunch of filterscripts, a load of Gamemodes, the includes which most doesn't need, the npcmodes, which most doesn't need(coz people uses another, correct me if I'm wrong) and scriptfiles.
I want you to delete all of that you don't need. Or just delete them all anyway you could just create new directories.
Number 3:
This is for samp only. I don't know for other games
Only place your .amx on the FTP server. may it be filterscript or gamemode. it must be just be the .amx. I know there .amx to pawn converters but most of them doesn't work and some do work but they miss some things that are important. So we could say that your .amx is more secured than your .pawn file.
Number 4:
when placing plugins and filterscripts choose the ones that you use on your server.cfg
for example.
Quote:echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 1
maxplayers 50
port 7777
hostname Noname
gamemode0 grandlarc 1
filterscripts zmapping yom_buttons anims
plugins Whirlpool.dll
announce 0
query 1
chatlogging 0
language English
that is what you see inside right.
Place only the ones written in the plugins and filterscripts since that is the only that the server would need. (those in red)

This tip doesn't do much but this would make sure that your files are well arranged and neat, and you can sleep at night without thinking that.
"Oh My God my .pawn file has been copy and pasted.)

That is already long thank you for reading and more tips will be coming soon.

[EDIT] - Thanks to sir Lancelot for the reminder. How careless I was.
So since most host are using the linux based servers.
The plugins should be .so and not .dll

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