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Information you have to remember
Information you will have to remember for SAMP hostings...
1. You should never give out you're password - unless you haven't got trust issues like me... (( Fix for that is to request you're password to be changed ))
2. Inside you're server, you should a always be kind towards your staff members and also you're players (( Number 1 key is to be kind to you're player and make them sure that you have a friendly administrator team... ))
3. Never accept mean players... (( If you have a mean player, (( Roleplay wise )) and they came on to DM and PK without RP, Give them 3 warning, and if they carry on... Kick them... then ban ))

Remember - Never Give you're password away to strangers Smile    

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Information you have to remember - by Manman1232163 - 12-17-2016, 08:59 AM

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