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New Improvements regarding EHN!
Dear customers,

Most of you were most likely angry after closing the contractions with the old dedicated server provider which resulted in a 4 days downtime. 

Their dedicated server was not protected well and encountered internal issues therefore we stopped using them and moved on a better Hosting company.

The new available data centers are (US, DE and FR). So way too much better than before and will result in low ping over all the servers.

Paid servers can be bought from and free servers can be bought through forums (here). Therefore all the paid servers service, customer care and everything are on the client area and for free servers all are on forums.

We have set a 10+ posts requirement for free servers to make sure customers are active and mature because this is the only way to measure that.

We now have 100% uptime guarantee, so never worry about your server starting from today to forever!

Want to check our status page? Sure!

DDoS protection is now 10x times the protection of the old one so for those who say they can take us down good night!

Thanks for choosing us!
Kind regards,
-EHN Team.

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