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Background Of A VPS

You are probably reading this and wondering what this is. Basically I am going to help you understand what a VPS is and difference between a VPS and Dedicated server. I know when I first started renting I had no idea. Now to get to the good stuff.

VPS: Virtual Private Server. This is sometimes used for games but can also be used for Web-Hosting. You can get very cheap Virtual Private Servers but they may not be that game for game hosting. What could happen is you can run out of ram and or the server may be lagging for some users. They are really used for Web-Hosting. You can get some good deals out there but be very careful. Make sure you read what the specs of the machine are. Also a good rule of thumb is for VPS for gaming. For every 1 core you have that can run you 1 gaming server. Also make sure you have enough RAM. Also a VPS is usually ran off a Dedicated Server. So that's what Elites Host does. They host a Dedicated server and then run servers off it. That's why its good to buy a server to help them out Smile.

Now lets get to Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server: Are really good to host Game server. If you willing to host many game servers then order a server either here or a different place. They really good on band-with and also ram, CPU, and hard-Drive space. VPS are usually ran off a Dedicated machine. So lets say we buy one Dedicated server then we can host many VPS to sell to people.

Now if you have any questions regarding this let me know  Smile
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