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Jimmy Application
  • Real life name: Spencer T.
  • Location (place of residence): United States Of America
  • Full date of birth and age: 2/27/01
  • When did you join the community? I really don't have a official date of when I joined but I know Lance I know it might be back in 2016.
  • Why would you like to join the staff team? (255+ words): I feel I will be a good help. I am decent at doing the stuff I do. I am very mature and reliable to do what is expected from me. I had many communities that I ran. I am a great person to get along with and also work with. I am the nicest support person you can find. I like to solve problems that come my way. My theory is 2 brains are better then one. I say this because if I cannot solve the issue then I can ask a partner. Also I have seen this company grow for a couple of month and I have some great ideas to bring to the table. I am always giving suggestions if needed to the community. I am in the U.S which is great because I live on the east coast and I can help people in the east coast in the United States if necessary. Also I may be only 16 but like people say don't judge people because how they look the ones you don't think are mature are really the mature one. I am also on very often and can respond to people quite fast if I really need to. I am also on Skype all the time so if needed you can always message me on Skype. I am decent at Developing team speak servers so if anyone needs help at team speak I can always help them with that if needed. I am not good with SA:MP but I can always learn. Thanks for reading my application and have a nice day.E-mail address:  (Will Disclosed A New One When Accepted) 
  • Job/professions: Support Team, Sales, And Developer for Team Speak
[Image: giphy.gif]

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