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[R0cc0] Staff Application
  • Real life name: Salim
  • Location (place of residence):
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Full date of birth and age:
          29 December 1999, 18 years old.
  • When did you join the community?
           Begin February
  • Why would you like to join the staff team? (255+ words):
          I'd like to become one of the moderators here in Elites Host Community because I've always wanted to help people but not able to          do that because some guy aren't trusting some members here in Elites Host, I understand that and I wish to get a chance inorder            to achieve a position here in the Elites Host Community, I've been loyal and never disappointed any of the staff members nor did I            break any rules. I also have a great experience in assisting the community and solve the issues that are around the forum. I have              noticed that we lack some staff, and as I've some good activity on the forums I've thought to be one staff member. I can also stay            on admin duty (like in assisting) for a real long time so if they wish to get help they can always contact me through private                        messages. I'm also an owner of Mobster Mafia Roleplay (thanks to you Elites Host!). 

  • E-mail address:
  • Job/professions: Unemployed.

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[R0cc0] Staff Application - by r0cc0 - 02-28-2017, 01:01 PM

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