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Referring & Rewards Information
You know people around that play a particular game which is included in our list of services and would like to help our community to make it grows? Invite them now and get one of our awesome rewards!

Already invited? To apply, use the format below:

Quote:Your community name:
Referred member's name:
What's the relation between yourself and that member and from where did you invite him?
Proof that you've invited him: (3 images required):

Please notice that the members you have invited should order a server from us (Free SA:MP) and have it activated so you can get your reward.

Available rewards:

- VIP Membership for 3 weeks. (5 members referred)
- Additional 30 slots for your server. (3 members referred)
- Additional 10 slots for your server. (1 member referred)
- Support through client area not forums. (10 members referred)
- Additional free server (SA: MP) for 2 weeks. (10 members referred)

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