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Terms and conditions of service
- Elites Hosting company offers services free of advertisements, additional fees, resources restrictions to all the clients that includes free and paid.

- You are not permitted to use our services for self promoting, advertising other companies, redirecting servers to another servers.

- You retrieve the complete rights and ownership of your server that means you are allowed to do everything you want while ordering services from us.

- You are prohibited from infringing copyrights, sharing pirated copy of programs and/or video games.

- You must not violate the terms of service of the main games themselves. For example, if you own a SA:MP server you must respect the SA:MP terms.

- You are not permitted to make FTP accounts a path to exchange files that has no use for the server such as programs and such.

- You are prohibited to exchange your accounts for any sort of profits or self promoting or sell them.

- You cannot have more than one free account and an unlimited amount of paid accounts. 

- You cannot advertise EHN on any other Hosting companies or in places which prohibit advertisements.

- You cannot make your services for sharing pornography, sexually explicit materials, contents e.g. videos and pictures.

- You agree that EHN can suspend your services for violence of terms of service and conditions.

- You agree that you have received the services you've ordered and you are completely capable of administrating it.

- By owning services from EHN you should also agree that you read and abide the terms of service.

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