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Invisible Thread Issue
I can't see anything on the Order server area. Everything is blanked? what happened? Is it hidden? or something like that? Coz When I logout I can see everything but when I'm logged in all I see is my own request. Am I in trouble?
I think bcw you are spamming with post/reply .. Then admin Blocked you for a day or weeks.. bcw only Team Administrator can reply at Order Server.. If my answer is wrong.. Please some Staff to reply the current answer, Couse me to don't see anything on Order Server
We have made a private section for orders.
Which means only who order or open a topic only who can see it.
Once you will get a reply within your topic you will be able to view that reply.
We have done this cuz of spam happened their from replies, So now only admins and who managing service can see all topics.

Topic closed.

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