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SERVER PROBLEM - joker123 - 06-29-2018

Hi, I have a problem with my samp server. It doesn't start and I don't know why.
I do the right things as compile gm/server.cfg(plugins .so)/re-uploaded the gm...
But when I try to start the server it tell me: " 
Retry #1.
Starting server, please wait..."

"Server is running, but its not responding,
there might be a some kind of problem and you might want to Stop Server.

It's a loop.

It doesn't start and there is no logs... I don't know what to do, really...
If someone know the problem please pm me or answers below.

RE: SERVER PROBLEM - Bob - 06-30-2018


Check your server.cfg it maybe misconfigurate or having a missing thing.

RE: SERVER PROBLEM - joker123 - 06-30-2018


PS: It works on local host.

The server database works and it's configurated in the righ way.

RE: SERVER PROBLEM - joker123 - 06-30-2018

Now it works!!!

Thanks for your support bruh!!! @Bob .