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Request a Free Samp Server - Hassan96 - 02-16-2018

Full Name :  Hassan96
E-mail address: galaxysingh36@gmail.com
Gamemode type: Gang Wars
Server version: 0.3.7

* Why would you like to acquire a free server from Elite Host?
I want to acquire a free server because Elite Host Servers are more better than any other sites... they are just for limited time while EHN are not limited and its very safe. i hope you will give me a free Samp server... Thanks

* Any further comments/information?
No, I hope u will accept my request for a free Samp Server ..

**Note : Sorry for applying here because i cannot make a thread in Order Server i dont know why but there is no option of ''Post Thread'' anywhere.... Thanks....!

RE: Request a Free Samp Server - Bob - 02-16-2018


You still didn't pass to the clients group on forums by having 35+ posts.

Topic Closed.

Kind regards,