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RE: XmaS PromoCode! - JohnTurbo - 12-18-2016

well iam not intersting on buying any kind of premium things for now
btw good job

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Bob - 12-18-2016

(12-17-2016, 04:04 PM)qendrim Wrote: So what about free ts3 again?! with promotion code for christmas?

The promo of free ts3 is still in work,
This is new one for Christmas offer, once its ends this offer ends too.


RE: XmaS PromoCode! - silviuslv - 12-19-2016

Good promo code for christmas Big Grin

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Uvais - 12-27-2016

a 10percent discount is a great change. Thanks , Bob.