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[EXPIRED] XmaS PromoCode! - Bob - 12-06-2016


Merry Christmas
We are now offering an 10% discount in all of our servers plans we provide for the first payment.

-Just place your order and at promo code you need to enter XmaS so that you can get that discount in the first payment only.
-So if you bought as 3 months or annually you can also get that discount rather than buying for 1 month.

This offer starting from 7/12/2016 and will be ended at 31/12/2016.
So hurry up and get this discount for anything to start your server up.
This promo-code doesn't need to be a new customer, we also offering this to our old customers.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hosting!
From Elites-Host.com Team

Elites-Host.com Team

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Charlie - 12-16-2016

Nice Deal

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - ViRuS - 12-17-2016

Nice update

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Janpatrick - 12-17-2016

Nice promo code gonna buy teamspeak 3 server soon.

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Pawno - 12-17-2016

Nice deal for our Customer.. Thanks for update sir bob..

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Sentinel - 12-17-2016

Nice, more customer to buy it because they are more a bargain hereĀ  Smile

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Renzkie - 12-17-2016

This is the best update EVER!

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - alterego - 12-17-2016

Wow nice deal. People would always love a nice deal. Smile

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - Mifonix - 12-17-2016

Cool Update Bob. !!!!

RE: XmaS PromoCode! - qendrim - 12-17-2016

So what about free ts3 again?! with promotion code for christmas?