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Server Version - Angelo - 02-15-2018

I would like to change my server version to 0.3.7 R2

RE: Server Version - Bob - 02-15-2018


You need to login to control panel.
Then choose your server then select addons and choose config and select from the list the version you want it will install it for you.
Please note that to shutdown your server and backup your server.cfg before doing this steps.


RE: Server Version - ChrisBrown - 07-22-2018

Sir, I'm a new on this hosting where can I get a free hosting server?

RE: Server Version - Bob - 12-04-2018

You can order one from order section once you completed the requirements.


Server Version - Lentync - 08-31-2019

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RE: Server Version - AlexJuvion - 11-17-2022

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