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Renzkie_Fusilero [serverControlPanel/get hack] - Renzkie - 12-26-2017

Hello MR/MS 
     i have some problem because my control pannel get hacks i dont know who 
  if someone hack my panel i can forgot using my email account but when i am forgotting said  " Your email address is not correct. "
  some staff on host change my email account 

Another Problems 
   on my account on elites-host.com i cant login someone hack my account and when i am forgotting said "No client account was found with the email address you entered" But i have it 

 [Image: Untitled.png]
[Image: Untitled.png]

[Image: Untitled.png]
[Image: Untitled.png]
[Image: Untitled.png]

RE: Renzkie_Fusilero [serverControlPanel/get hack] - Bob - 12-26-2017

Your account email and also at control panel was changed as the requested from the ownership of the email at Facebook.
So if it wasn't you try to contact us through facebook to check your identity

RE: Renzkie_Fusilero [serverControlPanel/get hack] - Renzkie - 12-26-2017

Sir also my facebook get hack
all my pannel info 
on my reply box

RE: Renzkie_Fusilero [serverControlPanel/get hack] - Bob - 12-26-2017


You can check any phone connected to your email to get it back.
Unless now this is not a proof of your ownership.

RE: Renzkie_Fusilero [serverControlPanel/get hack] - Renzkie - 12-27-2017

RIP my old simcard was broken no one contacts i can receive and now i have new simcard