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I Need Request server - AndiRiandi - 12-09-2017

Full name:- Andi Riandi
E-mail address:- udenlesmana1@gmail.com
Gamemode type:- LVDM
Server version:- 0.3c

Why would you like to acquire a free server from EHN?
Any further comments/information? because I want 1 server from you to play me if you can give me 1 server

* Ordering servers requires being at the age of 14 or higher.
* Information should be all valid and correct (without misspellings).
* Server should not be used for illegal purposes.
* Shouldn't have a server already.
* Should be in the clients group on forums (35+ posts).
* Management have the rights to modify these rules at any time.
* Must login weekly to forum and have at least 10 posts monthly.

We will suspend your services Incase it breaks our ToS.

RE: I Need Request server - Bob - 12-09-2017


You still didn't pass to the clients group on forums by having 35+ posts.

Topic Closed.

Kind regards,