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Hello - Emirto - 08-18-2017

Hi my name is Firas i am 23 years old ....
I'am playing samp for more than 7 years ... and i would like to learn scripting also I am a mapper and soon i will start my own server with a friend  

My skype:Firas.Braiek2

Nice to meet you all

RE: Hello - PotatoM - 08-18-2017

Ayo Firas ,Nice to see you around !

RE: Hello - joker123 - 08-18-2017

Nice to meet you Firas!! Welcome to EHN!!
Have a good stay here.

RE: Hello - Emirto - 08-19-2017

Thank you Joker .. You too

RE: Hello - AlfeKevin - 08-19-2017

Hi Emirto, nice to see you here and welcome to EH Networks Big Grin .