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PotatoM - PotatoM - 08-16-2017

Hello I am PotatoM I am 21 Years old ,I am studying Mechanical Engineering for 3 years and I am a love playing games such "SAMP MTA LOL ... " I am also a Graphic Designer I am a freelancer actually "Designing for money" 
yeah that's it I guess 

If you want to contact me feel free to do it :
Skype : hemaelqersh
Discord : PotatoM#6377

RE: PotatoM - joker123 - 08-16-2017

Nice to meet you @PotatoM.
Welcome to EHN, have a good stay.

RE: PotatoM - PotatoM - 08-16-2017

Thanks man ,Nice to meet u too x)

RE: PotatoM - Emirto - 08-17-2017

Thank you for introducing your self and welcome to Elites host forums

RE: PotatoM - AlfeKevin - 08-18-2017

Hi PotatoM, nice to meet you here.

RE: PotatoM - PotatoM - 08-18-2017

(08-18-2017, 03:00 AM)AlfeKevin Wrote: Hi PotatoM, nice to meet you here.

Hey man ,Nice to meet you too !