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Hacking........ :( - JohnTurbo - 05-04-2017

Hello Guys, my sa-mp server this week is getting DDOSED & Bots Connecting hacking too many times so its getting down several times on the day please guys enable DDOS Protection for the free package please ???

RE: Hacking........ :( - akainu341 - 05-09-2017

I suggest you to download ANTI-DDOS. Click the link http://www94.zippyshare.com/v/Sc7ZKXdb/file.html

RE: Hacking........ :( - Lance - 06-09-2017

This is not called DDoS. It is a bot attack that has no relation with our security, you should develop a anti bot script, we are irresponsible for anything that happens from your side, which means server side security is up to you.