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Great News! - Alfe - 02-15-2017

Hello EHN Members,

Since we are now 4 years we are deciding to add Web hosting which provide domains etc. For now we dont know when we will launch the web host but dont worry EHN staff team are working on it now Big Grin so no worries Smile

-Alfe (Super Administrator)

RE: Great News! - Remar - 02-20-2017


RE: Great News! - r0cc0 - 02-25-2017

Great news, I'll hope this service keeps running till 2020 or more!

RE: Great News! - joker123 - 02-25-2017

Great news, i'll thank you very much because i need web hosting for my domain. I will wait than Smile

RE: Great News! - Gamer12 - 02-27-2017

Congratz Guys atleast web hosting can host sites for us Smile

RE: Great News! - Aby - 11-15-2017

Great news i am here for 4 years,and every years this host showing their best.!keep it up EHN Staffs,and BOB you are best!

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