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[Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - Luke Graham - 02-10-2017

If you want Maximum Gaming Roleplay script just vote, yes or no at the polls.
Since Maximum Gaming Roleplay was my script and I was the developer and owner of it here is the scripts features: 

BackPack System
NEW! Land System (Switched from using Dini saving to MySQL)
NEW! Event System
NEW! Car Window System (You can roll down in car window when you the driver)
NEW! Furniture System
NEW! Map Command
NEW! Updates Command
RepFam System
Dicebet and Allhunt too

There is so many things this script contains of, you all know Maximum Gaming so yea, ill release it here.

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - Sulee Saiti - 02-10-2017

Wrong Section.


RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - r0cc0 - 02-11-2017

Voted yes.

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - joker123 - 02-26-2017

Vote YES. :O
When you post it?

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - Gamer12 - 02-27-2017

Voted yes when you will share it ?

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - alimaroco - 04-11-2017

cool bro. backpack system nice idea but the repfam thing..it looks (MG)

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - PotatoM - 08-12-2017

You  can't use/edit it ,it have copyrights ,Ain't it ?

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - wendell91 - 08-15-2017

nice i want to try your server Smile

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - Emirto - 08-18-2017

Everything is great in it but the Backpack system need more developping i don't know why people being happy when they found Backpack system in a server .. you must think more for new ideas or atleast develop our ideas and make it more realistic .. But it Looks great without the Backpack system.

RE: [Gamemode]Maximum Gaming Roleplay - geralt12325 - 10-10-2017

Yeah, though will you be charging for it, or for free?