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Full Version: [Gamemode]San Andreas Playground
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San Andreas Playground

1 - Introduction :

Hello ! I want to share with you my gamemode ! this gamemode containing 53 files (+60000 lines) also so many feature, DM/Stunt/Freeroam/Roleplay

2- Features : 

- MySQL Login / Register System 

- Advanced Admin System 

- Feature System (i will explaint it see down)

- DeathMatches System 

- Big gamemode with Medium Memory usage

- Property System

- House System 

- Stunts Zones

- Unique VIP House & Ammo Nation and so many others feature check it with using the gm !

3 - History:

San Andreas Playground Started as a small server hosted by Elite Host after 2 months of fun we released first gamemode created fully by me but he was Memory Hunting due of using many language of it (json / C++/Pawno/and some languages also edited YSI Includes version ) ( https://github.com/saplayground/San-Andreas-Playground) and was lag and timeout so much after while i updated it to stable version (R2) (download link down vv)

4 - Administration Ranks:

1 - Moderator 
2 - Administrator
3- Manager

5 - Unique Features System:

this is the unique thing on server this is system show manager a dialog using (/server features) can enable or disable some feature to players/specific player like (Animals Cars / Fly / Ramping / Boost) Commands

6 - Download Link:


Find any bugs ? pm me or just open a new issue on github (https://github.com/saplayground/San-Andr...issues/new)

Have fun with using it !


Nice gamemode, Keep it up


(01-14-2017, 09:18 AM)ViRuS Wrote: [ -> ]Nice gamemode, Keep it up

Thanks !


Nice GM tnx


That's nice gamemode


You said it's yours but I don't think this is your gamemode.


This gamemode has only english language? ? Or there is romanian too??




The gamemode is good seems really awesome features stunt/Dm/RP Smile
Good work bro, Thanks so much.