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Full Version: [Gamemode]Linko Gaming RP Script !
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Linko Gaming Roleplay


1.Register/Login system.

2.Tutorial and beginning system.

3.Dynamic doors system.

4.Business system.

5.Dynamic house System.

6.Weapon Restriction system.

7.Auto refund system.

8.All bugs has been fixed.

9.Advertisement system.

10.Anti DDos system.

11.Anti Cheat system.

12.Anti server advertisement system.

13.Anti S0biet system.

14.Press 'N' to enter DD/Biz/House etc...

15.Group/Faction system.

16.Family system.

Credits to:
  • Juann - Developer (skype:juann.john33@outlook.com)

  • Casper - Bug fixer and Mapper (skype: jack.jax2)

  1. Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

  2. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  3. Los Santos Fire Medic Department (LSFMED)

  4. Judical System

  5. San Andreas Government

  6. San Andreas Service Department

  7. Hitman Agency

  8. San Andreas News (SANews)

  9. San Andreas National Guard (SANG)
NOTE:Factions/Groups can be edited.
There's currently 18 avilable families slots, can be created IG - Family/Gang System.
Administrator Ranks:
Excutive Director - level:99999
Excutive Administrator - level: 99998
Lead Head Administrator - level: 1338
Head Administrator - level: 1337
Senior Administrator - level: 4
General Administrator - level: 3
Junior Administrator - level: 2
Server Moderator - level: 1

Hope you'll like it.

Download link: https://www.solidfiles.com/v/GDvB5wMM7DAxQ
Download link: http://www36.zippyshare.com/v/Y9TxlXD9/file.html

To make yourself Administrator use: /makemeadmin!
Credits goes to the owner .

Regards ,

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Copy on samp-scripts.com btw thanks for sharing


Cool script though tnx for giving that.


Thanks for sharing


Nice gamemode, Keep it up!!


I like it.. thanks for sharing bro.


Thanks for sharing! Smile


Thanks for sharing


Please link this to the original thread.

I saw this once on other forums so please be guided that posting copy-pasted threads can be plagiarized if the owner chooses to do so, specially if without consent. However if you own the original thread then thank you for sharing your thread at EHN

Another quality thread

I am not a mod just taking trying to warn.


Thank you for sharing! I appreciate this and mind using it for later.
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