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Full Version: I Need Request server
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Full name:- Andi Riandi
E-mail address:- udenlesmana1@gmail.com
Gamemode type:- LVDM
Server version:- 0.3c

Why would you like to acquire a free server from EHN?
Any further comments/information? because I want 1 server from you to play me if you can give me 1 server

* Ordering servers requires being at the age of 14 or higher.
* Information should be all valid and correct (without misspellings).
* Server should not be used for illegal purposes.
* Shouldn't have a server already.
* Should be in the clients group on forums (35+ posts).
* Management have the rights to modify these rules at any time.
* Must login weekly to forum and have at least 10 posts monthly.

We will suspend your services Incase it breaks our ToS.

You still didn't pass to the clients group on forums by having 35+ posts.

Topic Closed.

Kind regards,