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Full Version: Gamemode GodFather 0.3.7
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1.Police Department.
Federal Office of Investigation.
3. National Guard.
4.Medics / Fireman.
"5.The Mafia.
6.The Triads.
8.Hitman Agency.
9.News Reporter.
"10.Taxi Company.
11.School Intructor
, "12.Grove Street.
14.Los Santos Vagos.
15.Varios Los Aztecas.
16. Need For Speed
17. NRG-500 (Motorcyclists)

Machine System in "/ v"
Machines are created with "/ avehicle"
System of Points (NO RP)
Car Case System
System Helper 4 Nivele + Special Helper
System with Special Admin / Scripter / Founder
And I do not know, I've found
You can change the name of GM from Game (/ gamemodename) <Parca: -? >
You can change the name of the game board (/ mappname) <Parca: -? >
You can give yourself Admin if you are logged in with RCON!

Photos: http://imgur.com/bPJjyqt,OH1gVFd,FguzGGJ...,iZZudNf#7

Link Download: http://www.girlshare.ro/34015164.7
Link Download Secondary: http://www.filehost.ro/30922877/GodFather_7z/
VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/fa912.../analysis/
Looks Nice .. based for which script ?
Nice work @denisa!! Are you romanian?
RO:Nu ai editat bine gm, si mi-am dat seama din post.